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Startup Challenge 

Inclusion and Development: Investing in human capital to reduce the social economic gap. In times of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where technology and innovation are affecting the future of jobs by modifying the current business models, young people, businesses, and citizens in general, need to adjust their knowledge, skills, and mindset.

We ask young entrepreneurs to propose innovative solutions that will allow an inclusive growth by promoting: 

1. Social Inclusion:

Developing innovative tools and mechanisms that will allow the equal participation in society of people who are disadvantaged on the basis of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or other status. 

2. Financial Inclusion:

Developing tools that will allow citizens and businesses to access the financial market through the use of fintech and blockchain.  

3. Economic Inclusion:

Developing tools that ensure the inclusive, full and fair access to labor markets, entrepreneurship, and any other economic opportunity. 


Eco Challenge 11.0 - Beyond Plastics


The Eco Challenge 11.0 is a special award category within TIC Americas that will support a new approach to economic development with a sustainable plastic vision, where waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials area kept in use, and natural systems are regenerated, contributing to the future of sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The Eco-Challenge 11.0 will focus on identifying scalable and sustainable solutions that will allow us to go beyond Plastics’ use and to build a world where they will not become waste by reducing, recycling, and reinventing.

Eco Challenge 11.0 will award the following categories:


1. Beyond the Bottle and the Bag: Innovative solutions and new technologies focused on creating alternatives to bottle and bag materials and/or replacing them. Solutions to post consumer use of PET material will also be considered under this category.

2. Recycling and Post Consumer use of BOPP: Innovative solutions to recycle BOPP (material used in flexible packaging), as well as solutions to post consumer use of the material.

3. Caribbean Innovation Eco-Challenge: A special opportunity for young people from the Caribbean to develop and implement innovative solutions that address one or more of the priority areas defined. 

Caribbean Innovation Competition 

Resilience and Climate Change. To support the understanding of the reasons and effects of Climate Change.


1. Adaptation:

Developing innovative solutions that will allow citizens and businesses in the Caribbean to adjust to the new realities of climate change by creating new social and economic opportunities. 


2. Mitigation:

Developing tools and mechanisms that will allow the Caribbean to reduce or eliminate the social, economic, and environmental impact of climate change in the Caribbean.


3. Prevention:

Developing innovative solutions geared towards prevention of certain climate change-related issues which will in turn support the sustainable development of the ecosystem.


Special Focus in:

a) Sargassum: Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean will have an opportunity to present innovation and sustainable solutions to respond to the diverse threats and opportunities that Sargassum presents for the Caribbean.  We want to raise awareness on the occurrence of sargassum across the Caribbean, as part of the program. 


b) Natural Disasters: Entrepreneurs can also present their innovative ideas and solutions to strengthen the Caribbean disaster management systems in the region, and thus help to reduce the negative impact of hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters that occur.


c) Climate Change: Present innovative solutions and preventative measures to address the effects of climate change-related issues.


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