The Eco Challenge 11.0 is a special award category within TIC Americas that will support a new approach to economic development with a sustainable plastic vision, where waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials area kept in use, and natural systems are regenerated, contributing to the future of sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Eco-Challenge 11.0 will focus on identifying scalable and sustainable solutions that will allow us to go beyond Plastics’ use and to build a world where they will not become waste by reducing, recycling, and reinventing.

Eco Challenge 11.0 will award the following categories

Beyond de Bottle and the Bag

Beyond the Bottle and the Bag

Innovative solutions and new technologies focused on creating alternatives to bottle and bag materials and/or replacing them. Solutions to Post Consumer use of PET material will also be considered under this category.

Recycling and Post Consumer use of BOPP

Recycling and Post Consumer use of BOPP

Innovative solutions to recycle BOPP (material used in flexible packaging) as well as solutions to post consumer use of the material.

Caribbean Innovation Eco-Challenge

Caribbean Innovation Eco-Challenge

A special opportunity for people from the Caribbean to develop and implement innovative solutions that address one, two or any of the priority areas defined above.